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Who We Are

We are creative and focused – seasoned cloud architects, designers, and engineers ready to bring your vision to life.

We seamlessly blend technology and human creativity, serving as your trusted advisor to unlock the unmatched potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for your cloud and SaaS solutions.

We harness AWS’s extensive, customer-focused support to fast-track your commercial value through unparalleled technical excellence.

Based in Charleston, SC, we equip businesses with the necessary people, processes, and technology to navigate the intricacies of the digital era, all backed by our unwavering commitment to innovation and operational excellence.

We're all in on AWS:

g/d/n/a leverages the vast, customer-centric ecosystem of AWS to accelerate innovation and amplify commercial value for our customers and their customers.


Crafting Exponential Value Through Precision

Embrace the future with g/d/n/a, where our tailored services seamlessly blend human creativity and technology to drive your growth, innovation, and efficiency.

techShift Spotlight

Empowering the New Digital Age Pioneers

In a world where innovation defines sustainability, talent shouldn’t be overshadowed by lack of experience. Introducing TechShift: g/d/n/a’s human-centered launchpad for recent grads and career-changers. Dive deep with hands-on projects, harnessing AWS’s power and our visionary mentorship. Your journey in tech awaits.